Greetings from the Dye Garden!

All goes well with weeding, harvesting blooms and watering, thanks to intrepid gardeners Pat, Charlotte, Linda and me, Pat.

This is a learning experience for me. I am learning about harvesting and preparing plant material, scouring and mordanting fabric, tannins and flavonoids, and so much more. I am literally in the weeds!

As far as our crop goes, we have mixed results. The hollyhocks have ended their bloom period, a successful crop. Still blooming prolifically yellow and orange cosmos, zinnias and marigolds. Not blooming but healthy, goldenrod. However, the safflower looking so sad, few blooms and shriveled leaves. Since the deer came through and feasted on them they have not recovered, despite the erection of a fence. The coneflowers, lovely and delicate, have just started blooming.

Finally, I have black walnut husks as well as leaves. Very stinky, outdoor setting required. I’m sure something can be arranged. Interested? Let me know.

See you, Pat D.
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