Notes from Margie about May meeting

  • Notes from Margie about May meeting

    Posted by Melissa Terrels on May 4, 2022 at 9:06 am

    Notes from Meeting May 1, 2022

    Please read and enjoy.

    Accolades to all who made Celebration of Fibers possible. A real feast for the eyes that we wish we could share with those unable to attend. We heard Kate might have taken pictures and hope she creates one of her fabulous slide shows. Learning more about each piece would add to the experience.

    Audra is at a craft retreat with her mother. It is a small artistic community she is the only one weaving. We were so happy she joined us remotely.

    Show and Tell

    Audra showed us the twill she created based on the Liz Gipson workshop. Like Christine she was not pleased with the results she got from the warping directions and created a warp of her own which is really beautiful.

    Myra showed us a top she made that contains a crazy shot panel. The way she assembled it using lace binding lead to a enthusiastic discussion on wearables.

    Naomi showed us a very long beautiful gamp weaving that ended with a surprise crazy shot design. She used a reverse of the crazy shot technique. We loved the innovative result.

    Path forward

    Selecting from the list of interests

    • Indirect warping
    • How to covert 3 shaft patterns
    • Making wearables
    • Ikat techniques
    • Warp painting on the loom
    • Exploration of monitoring patterns
    • Yarn textures, weights and tones

    Audra had mentioned how adapt she has become at weaving 3 shaft patterns using double heddles with both direct and indirect warp. She offered to do two presentations one on weaving at our June meeting the other on warping in August.

    Since many new weavers want to learn more about the various weaving yarns and how knitting yams can be used, Christine offered to do a presentation on these in July.

    Naomi brought up the topic of book writing to capture our leadings for reference and to share with the guild. It is easy and inexpensive to do using technology which results in a PDF. The beauty of this approach is it enables those who like paper copies to print one off and for those who prefer digital to use it as is.

    We also spoke of the need for samples of the types of yarn to be used as a reference for weavers. Since this costs money to produce we could make them available for a fee.

    Myra’s discussion of wearables lead to enthusiastic questions by Naomi. Had we recorded the Zoom session it would have be the makings of a presentation and possible workshop. Myra said she is writing in a book on that topic. Audrey said had we recorded the Zoom session, she has software that she could use to translate it into text.

    Margie mentioned posting our minutes on the website in our SIG discussion area. Everyone agreed. It gives us ability to share with other members of the guild and let those looking for SIG learn more about us.

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