Jumping into 2022

Many people are complaining that they can no longer do this or that so they are very disappointed in their current life. I understand how they feel because I was disappointed when I could no longer go kayaking and sailing or do some of the other things I enjoyed. But big but, I discovered weaving, quilting and through them the guild.

Some say life begins at 40. But at the guild we say life begins whenever you discover your passion. To prove that we are going to celebrate aging passionately. I think that’s a fabulous way to start a new year, particularly post and current Covid. We don’t let circumstances get us down we overcome them. When we get stuck in trying to overcome something there are so many fertile imaginations within the guild that they spark ours and suddenly we are on a roll.

The title says Philadelphia Guild Of Handweavers yet there are so many various types of fiber artists and fiber arts that we are still discovering. We don’t have to go to the moon to find something new and exciting we find it here and now. And some of us have even overcome fear of heavy exercise with gentle yoga. I found the guild has no boundaries when it comes to creativity.

I enjoyed last year but I’m not dwelling on past joys because I know next year can be even more fabulous. People that you surround yourself with can make your life better than you could have ever imagined. I have no idea what will happen next year but I know I’m on my road to bounty, thanks to my friends at the Guild.

Jumping into 2022. Please join us!

Margie Gale

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