Margie’s Corner

I spent Saturday with friends, guild members, acquaintances and new people exploring a bit of Irish history with a very personable guide.

Folks were so engaged, full of ah ha moments and could relate much of what they create today, to what people did in the past. the history lesson made them feel connected to and grateful for those who lived in the past and those who continue and elaborate on these crafts in the present. There was a real sense of connection that also flowed between guild members as they shared this and that along the journey. Many shared their joy in being part of this experience and one or two from great distances expressed gratitude that they now could be a part of this thanks to Zoom.

It was the January Philadelphia Guild of Handweavers meeting where we explored Traditional Knitting from England, Ireland, Scotland and the Shetland Islands with Melissa Weaver-Dunning.

What do you do after such a rich and delightful meal? Probably take a long walk and come back for some dessert.

This morning I thought of how many new members joined our guild and how at our various meetings they shared with us how excited they are to find people they can share so many interests with. They enjoy the weekly get togetherness at Portable Fibers and can’t believe all that they are finding at the special interest groups (SIGS). The only issue people are having is there are so many good SIGS and not enough time to participate in all that they would like to join. It seems we all have that problem.

Life can be a banquet and some of those who joined our guild said we should make even more people aware of what we have since there is so much to share. I am happy that our new website makes sharing a little easier to do because even existing members are not aware of all that we have to offer. It’s amazing that all of this is happening during a pandemic thanks to the people who make up this guild.

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