Members Make a Guild

Handweavers and Fiber arts Philadelphia

This is a letter the guild received from a someone who attended one of our events!

Hi Kate and Sara,

I came back from Fiberpooza! Feeling so blessed to be part of PGHW. It is the joy, love and support this guild brings not only to each other but also to the community that makes it special.

Members Barbara and Judy, reached out to our community (Journey’s Way center for people who are 55+) and I learned about the guild and the fiber sale. When I came to the sale I was warmly greeted and invited to become a member. I am not a fiber artist. I am a person who grew up with a grandmother who loved to knit and crochet and a mother who liked sewing. All I ever wanted is to live a full life and the guild offers the opportunity to do that with others who not only celebrate fibers but also celebrate each other and life.

When you Google known  members of the guild, you can see they are a member of PGHW and might be lead to peruse the fabulous website. Even though the site is beautiful it does not show the essence of the members that one experiences at a live event. Events where there are  just weavers and spinners draws many people but it is even more enriching when that is combined with members selling goods where young folks can see a potential career or sideline, and how people value  these artists and how the artists support each other.

Missing from much of today’s life is a sense of community and an understanding that you were more than just a cog in the wheel. You are unique and have something special to offer the world. The members of this guild in particular make people aware of that.

I am an advocate of Journeys Way because it gives people who no longer work a place to go, be with others and learn things that expand their horizons. That is where I started weaving, learned to quilt, paint and create things with clay. But for those of us who want an active full life there is the Guild.

The guild is evolving. Starting SIGs to support the interests of members and creating classes for those who want to learn more. It is organic, amazing and fun.

I think of you Kate your stamp series how you learned to see beauty in the cracks and share it with people. How Charlotte feels blessed to have found a place that gives her sense of belonging after moving here from Texas. The beautiful thing is through existing members young people are joining and being encouraged to share all that they have to offer, not just participate. How many places are there were young people are valued in this way?

Just had to share these feelings with folks who feel them too,


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