Used Equipment Sales

Used Equipment Sales:

Do you have a stash of unwanted equipment? Books you no longer want/need? A shuttle that doesn’t fit your hand? A loom or wheel that needs a new home…or a cone of yarn or bag of roving you will never use?  PGHW will post your item for sale on this page for a period of two months.

Or perhaps you’re “In Search Of” a particular type of equipment? We can post that also! Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Items for Sale

If you are interested in any of the items listed below, please contact the seller or [email protected]. Please include the name of the item and the code.

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 Frame Loom

Carole Leigh retangular frame loom, never used. 8″ x 30″.

Curious about how this loom works? Check out this video: Weaving on a Rectangle Loom


Contact: [email protected]

Code: JD0822

Little Giant Loom

For sale: a lovingly-restored 1930s era “Little Giant” two- harness table loom.  Comes with its original 10 dent Reed, and brand new heddles.  About 14″ wide. Fairly lightweight. Accommodates up to 4 yards of weaving.  


Contact: [email protected]

Code: JD0323


This is a rare 36″ weaving width Cranbrook countermarch loom made by Bexell. Very few of this width were produced. Like all Bexell Cranbrooks, it is made of solid maple with mortise and tenon construction. The loom is a 4-shaft loom with 8 treadles. It has two warp beams: one sectional and one plain. The breast beam and back beam are powder-coated, tubular metal. The loom also has the Cranbrook tool shelf suspended above the beater. The beater is the Swedish hanging style of beater, fully adjustable. The loom comes with one reed. The loom action is countermarch using two sets of lams. The tie-up is with original Bexell chain tie-ups. The approximate weight of the loom is 300 pounds. There is no bench with this loom. The loom is in good condition and is fully assembled. It disassembles easily for transport. We are asking $1800 for the loom, payable in cash only at the time of the pick-up.



Contact: [email protected]

Code: ML0323


Nilus LeClerc Floor Loom

Nilus Leclerc 27.5 inch Jack loom:  It is in great condition and has been well kept. It does not have a reed as I use my reeds in my other loom now.  It is located in Gibbstown NJ, which is just Southeast of Philadelphia.  I have other pictures at a buyer’s request. I am seeking $1,000 or best offer, cash and carry only (no personal checks, no third party purchase). I would prefer to keep my contact information private and have any offers come through you.

price is $1000.00

contact: [email protected]

Code: JI0323

 Original Cranbrook Countermarche Loom 

manufactured by John P. Bexell & Son in Pontiac Michigan. (U.S. Patent #2-302-519)   

  • Very good working condition
  • 4 harnesses
  • 60” wide
  • Warping board included
  • #4 stamp indicates early production era 1930’s (see picture below)
  • Quality hardwood (maple)
  • Ideal for creating high quality f abric in a wide variety of weights & techniques
  • Also, beautiful, color hardcover book Swedish Swatches by Selander including color plate of each swatch with specific pattern instructions for warp & weft.  Yellow, blue, red, and green series.
  • Asking price – $1900.00 OR BEST OFFER

location: Ocean County, New Jersey 

price is $1900.00 or best offier

contact [email protected]

Code: JS0323

15 3/4″ Dorothy Loom


12 Dent Steel Reed
1 reed and heddle hook
2   lease sticks
1 raddle

A new friction brake which includes the brake drum, a new wire brake coil, a replacement support post with brake lever and brake spring and a number of other parts. Extra heddles included. Located in West Mt Airy, Philadelphia, PA

price is $200.00

contact [email protected]

Code: BM0223

Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom

I am selling a 24” ashford rigid heddle loom and 3 heddles (12.5, 10, 7.5). Used rarely over a two year period. Exchange can happen either in Philadelphia or near cherry hill NJ.

Price: $300.00

Contact:  Sabrina 856-870-3486 (text only, please)

Code: SG0323

Harrisville 3/4″ Shaft Switching Device

(54 levels) for 4-shaft 45” countermarche loom. Swaps out four-shaft group in a snap.

In excellent working condition (Original owner).

Price: $750

Contact: Charlene Marietti:  [email protected]

Code: CM1022

TUG Electric Ball Winder by Sawyerbee
This winder is not only pretty, but it winds yarn into balls nicely.  Used only three times (the promised cone winder attachment never materialized). Pick up in South NJ

Price: $350 each

Contact: [email protected]

Code: GC0223

BULK Yarn for sale

Large amounts of coned yarn for sale, including natural cotton, rayon chenille, wool, linen, and some synthetics. Prices range from $5 per cone to $60 per cone. Bulk discounts available. I’m closing my weaving studio and am motivated to sell. A few are dyed, most are dye ready. The spreadsheet includes descriptions of the individual cones, including a link to an image. I also have testing results for some of the cones. Contact [email protected] for more details and shipping information. Located in lower Bucks County, Pa.

 Price: prices listed in link above

Contact: [email protected]

Code: JB1222



Mirrix Loom, 16″ or 22″, If you have one that is taking up space in your studio, please contact: [email protected].   (KC)

Used Spinning Wheel for beginning spinner. Looking to pay under $500. Please contact [email protected]     (AJ)