Used Equipment Sales

Used Equipment Sales:

Do you have a stash of unwanted equipment? Books you no longer want/need? A shuttle that doesn’t fit your hand? A loom or wheel that needs a new home…or a cone of yarn or bag of roving you will never use?  PGHW will post your item for sale on this page for a period of two months. Looking for a particular type of equipment? We can post that also. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Items for Sale

If you are interested in any of the items listed below, please contact the seller or [email protected]. Please include the name of the item and the code.


Lendrum Folding Spinning Wheel with Woolee Winder

All you need to start spinning or to advance your skills! This double treadle wheel includes the basics and more: regular flyer with 4 bobbins, threading hook, jumbo plying head with drive band and bobbin, fast flyer.  Also included is a Woolee Winder and 3 bobbins, and the special Lendrum screwdriver.

Price: $950.

Contact: [email protected]

Code: FV0922

 Louet Spinning Wheel

This wheel is a Louet Model S70 series.  It was purchased in the 1990’s in Maine, and is very “low mileage.”  My stepmom bought it when we lived in Maine and had our own sheep, and started to learn how to spin but didn’t get really into it.  From reading this website I believe it is to be a model S76 or S75.  I am happy to include some “raw” wool as well as two hand carders.  

 Price: $425

Contact:  (207)240-6808 or [email protected]


Code: KC0622

Warping Reel, Mirrix Loom, Frame Loom

I am selling the following items:

  • Harrisville Warping reel used only a couple times but is otherwise brand new. like new. Price: $300 
  • Carole Leigh rectangular  frame loom, never used. Price: $50

Price: see above

Contact: Judy Donovan  

Code: JD0822


 Texsolv Heddles

Package of 100 10.5″ texsolve heddles

Price: Free to a good home

Contact: [email protected]

Code: FV0722

J.A. Preston Belt Loom

Lovely small belt loom.  Sale benefits PGHW.  Pick up at the guildhouse.

Price: $35 or best offer

Contact: [email protected]

Code: PG0722

Belt Loom

 Small belt loom probably Swedish. New sells for $495. Asking $250 or best offer. Sale benefits PGHW.  Pick up at the guildhouse.

Price: $250 or best offer

Contact: [email protected]

Code: PG0922

PIPY Spinning Wheel

PIPY spinning wheel for sale, made in New Zealand in May of 1979 and signed by P.B. Poore.  32″ high x 29″ wide.  It’s seldom used and in very good condition. 

The wheel is currently with my sister in Lancaster but can be delivered to you.  If you’re interested, and for more information, contact me and I’ll put you in touch with her.

Price: $200

Contact: Valerie 215-205-7778 or [email protected]

Code: VC0822

Ashford Spinning Wheel

This Complete Ashford traditional is in terrific shape. It’s hardly been used and has a seal of approval from a guild member who takes care of pghw wheels. It comes with the original Learn to Spin and some fiber.


Price: $200 or best offer

Contact: [email protected]

Code: EG0822

Harrisville 50”, 8 harnesses, 10 treadles, bench, warping reel, accessory tray, additional accessories

Model 50/8 uses “snap chains” instead of cords, knots or wires making the tie-up quick and simple. Back beam folds up.  Accessory tray for easy reach storage. Last harness has Texsolv Heddles. Instruction/assembly manual and items below included. Additional photos available. Pick-up preferable.

  • Bench – adjustable seat; seat supports are on the outside for photo purposes only.  When properly assembled the supports are on the inside.
  • Warping Reel – excellent condition; spreader bars are positioned for photo purposes
  • Cross sticks – excellent condition
  • Two rattles – one wood pegs, one metal pegs
  • Schacht shuttles and sticks – multiple Schacht boat shuttles with bobbins and stick shuttles
  • Book – Rug Weaving Techniques by Peter Collingwood – excellent condition
  • Book – Hand Weaving for Pleasure and Profit – fair to poor condition
  • Temple – fair condition but functional
  • Miscellaneous – extra heddles; extra tie up chains; weights; white sticks are used when winding on

Price: $2950 cash only

Contact: [email protected]

Code: KP0822

Anjou Brittany Tapestry Loom

Tapestry/Rigid Heddle loom in beautiful condition offered with all the original equipment and original brochure with instructions on how to assemble. 


Price: $200.00

Contact: [email protected]

Code: RS0922

Tools of the Trade Loom

Tools of the Trade loom for sale. Constructed in the 1980’s. Cherry. 8 shafts, 10 treadles, 60” weaving width. Double warp beam (Second beam is still in original wrapper and has never been used.) Three 60” stainless steel reeds: 5, 6, 8. Two pair of lease sticks. 2400
heddles plus extra. Front of loom folds up or can be lowered for threading. Includes bench (with storage under the seat) and homemade tool tray. Original owner. Thinning the herd. It’s time to set beautiful Midli loom (mid-life indulgence) free and I hope it goes to someone who will enjoy and love it as much as I have these past 40 years. I have woven everything on it: heavy tapestries, blankets, table linens, lace weight items. Tools of the Trade (TOTT) looms were built by Arthur Weitzenfeld in Fair Haven, VT during the 70’s and 80’s. It seems that he only built about 450 looms so there is a limited number of them out there and their owners love them. This loom is #375. Daryl Lancaster, who has owned several TOTTs (and loves them), said that Art used Leclerc hardware.
Pick up: Woodstock, NY.  Will need two strong people and a pick-up truck. Loom weighs 260 lbs. Footprints: Open dimensions: 71.25” wide x 44” deep x 43.5” high; folded dimensions: 71.25” wide x 28” deep x 43.5” high. Cash only.

Price: $2100.00

Contact: [email protected]

Code: BN0922

 Schacht Tapestry Loom

This Schacht tapestry loom, which is in very good condition, has a 13″ weaving width and holds a continuous warp under tension. Includes two heddle bars, a warping bar, and an A-frame stand that folds down for storage. This is an earlier model of Schacht’s tapestry loom and appears to be the same except for the weaving width. ( Located in Medford, NJ

Price: $55

Contact: Charlene Marietti – [email protected]

Code: CM0922