Used Equipment Sales

Used Equipment Sales:

Do you have a stash of unwanted equipment? Books you no longer want/need? A shuttle that doesn’t fit your hand? A loom or wheel that needs a new home…or a cone of yarn or bag of roving you will never use?  PGHW will post your item for sale on this page for a period of two months. Looking for a particular type of equipment? We can post that also.

Please contact Faith Varrone for more information. 

Items for Sale

If you are interested in any of the items listed below, please contact the seller directly if contact info is available. If not, please email Faith Varrone at  along with the code at the bottom of the ad and she will connect you with the seller.


Antique Flax Wheel

A beautiful, functional, antique wheel with all original parts! Circa late 1800’s, possibly European

Price: $175 or best offer


Code: PG0821



Louet S90 Spinning Wheel

This model was produced in the 1990’s and was the first folding wheel on the market. It was discontinued around the year 2000 due to the climbing cost of production. It is a bobbin-led wheel and was designed for higher speed spinning. Comes with 3 very large bobbins (as shown) and an extra belt. Located in Mt Airy, Philadelphia. Contact Judy Donovan if interested.

Price: Asking $450. 


Code: JD1221



Louet S-10 Spinning Wheel

Louet S-10 double treadle.  Condition:  very good.   

Price: Asking $600. 


Code: LH0122




Spinning Studio Equipment

Louet Drumcarder:

Bought used many years ago from Handwoven of Pennington.  This does not have the hard white coating of the current models.  It appears to be solid birch.  Condition – good.

Price: Asking $400. 

Valkyrie double row combs. 

Used.  Appear to be standard.  25 tines; 4 inches long.  

 Price: Asking $50

Nancy’s Knit Knacks Heavy Duty Ball Winder

Condition:  excellent;

Price:  Asking $220. 


Code: LH0122



Fireside Floor Loom

8 shaft 54″ walnut Fireside loom built by Gary Swett.  This loom has been gently and lovingly used.  It is equipped with many extras: double back beam (one is sectional), cloth apron, carved beater, beater weight, 14 treadles, full set of trelevators (raise the height of the treadles), locking casters, lamp holder bracket.  A cherry fireside sliding bench is included.  Located just south of Mullica Hill, NJ. The loom’s footprint when open is: 60″ wide x 39″ deep. Folded: 36″ deep.

Price: Asking $5500.


Code: GC0921

AD-A-HARNESS Macomber Loom 

AD-A-HARNESS L. W. Macomber loom Model B-5. It has 8 treadles and 6 shafts. It is 50 inches high and 40 inches wide and 24 inches deep. Weaving width is 32″.  Located in Philadelphia.

Price: Asking $600


Code: LS0122

 Ashford 24″ 16 Shaft Table Loom with Stand and Extras

 I am selling my Ashford 16 S table loom. Weaving width is 24”. The loom comes with a stand, second back beam, and the array for Tempo Treadle. Will consider selling the Tempo Treadle control unit for an additional cost. Current cost for loom, stand second beam, and Tempo Treadle array is $2714.

Price: $2400. 

Located in southern NJ


Code: GC1221

Gilmore Gem II Studio Loom

This very lightly used loom has a 22 inch weaving width, 8 shafts and 10 treadles.  It has both a front and rear brake release to make advancing the warp easy.  It comes with a 10 dent reed,  top tray, front beam cloth tray, warping wedge and 150+ inserted eye heddles per shaft, and a specially designed beater bar block to hold the beater in place for sleying.  Very easy to fold.  Built-in looms for transport. Located just south of Mullica Hill, NJ

Price: Current cost for comparably equipped loom is $2910 (not counting extra heddles) plus crating and shipping.  Asking $1900.


Code: GC0921


LeClerc 4 Shaft Floor Loom

For Sale:  45 inch, 4 shaft 6 treadle LeClerc floor loom in good working condition.  All supplies needed to get you started – warping board, manual bobbin winder, bobbins and shuttles, and more.  

Price: $500.  

Contact: Karin Sargrad at 215-919-0919  Located in Glenside PA.


Code: KS1021

8 Shaft Macomber Loom

For Sale: The loom is an AD-A harness loom from L W Macomber model B-5. It has 10 treadles and is configured with 8 shafts. It’s 48” wide, and fold to 25” deep. Included a sectional beam. 

Price: $1000.  

Contact: Jerome Hochman –


Code: JH1021


Schacht Zoom Loom

Pin Loom, used once, in its original box. Includes the loom, a 6″ and a 3″ tapestry needle, 2 extra pins, and instruction booklet. Makes a 4″ x 4″ square. 

Price: $20.


Code: FV1021

Schacht 4.5 yard Warping Board

Small Schacht maple wood warping board. Great for smaller projects. Assembles/unassembles quickly. Measures 20″ square when assembled. Missing parts (bolts, washers, and wing nuts) will be replaced by me if sold.  Sells for $97 new.

Price: $70.


Code: FV1221

Macomber Floor Loom

10 harnesses + treadles
45 inches wide
weaves 35 inches
50 inches high
asking $1,500.00


Code: VN092021-1


 Drop Spindle

Large bottom whorl drop spindle, 14” long, whorl is 4” in diameter, shaft can come free from whorl, attached with wooden pin, hand sewn carry bag included
Price: $50

Contact: Angela Kalmus –



Schacht Wolf Stoller, Janome Felting Machine, Ott Light

Schacht Wolf Stoller: In the box, never opened.  New in the box actual cost is $134.00.

Price: $125

Janome Felting Machine: Janome Xpression 725 Felting Machine. Never removed from the original box. Check it out on YouTube – there are a few excellent videos. Original price was $499.00, a Conference Special. Sell refurbished up to $799.00.
Price: $275

Ott Light for Sewing Machine: OttLite 2-In-1 LED Sewing Machine Light features a sturdy clip with a flexible neck and offers interchangable LED reading light and LED lighted magnifier attachments. Attaches to your machine, Requires 3 AAA batteries. Package contains 1 clip, 1 magnifier attachment, 1 reading light attachment, and 1 USB cable. (no photo available)

Price: $18.00


Code: HR1221