We’re gonna have a good time tonight

Opening night of Celebration of Fibers transformed the guild house into a soiree where visitors dined on fabulous works of art displayed in a way that enabled viewers to flow through the exhibit while tuning into the various illuminating discussions.

There was something there for everyone including a heartfelt tribute to Ukraine.

The intricate complex weave, botanicals, needle arts, fabulous colors, designs, combinations, a multifaceted quilt — so much to take in. Is that tapestry staring at me? No, it’s just the interesting eyes. The friendly intelligent spirit within the room adds to the experience.

I must come back another day when it is less crowded to stand back and take in the beauty of each piece. I feel so grateful to those who contributed their treasured pieces and to those who wore so many lovely things like a scarf that looked iridescent as it caught the light or a vest embellished with a crazy quilt technique. It is a real feast for the eyes and like I would at a smorgasbord, I will be stopping back for more.


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