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Do you have a stash of unwanted equipment? Books you no longer want/need? A shuttle that doesn’t fit your hand? A loom or wheel that needs a new home, or a cone of yarn or bag of roving you will never use?  PGHW will post your item for sale. You do not need to be a member to post used equipment!

Or perhaps you’re “In Search Of” a particular type of equipment? We can post that also!

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    Looms…Wheel….Yarn…and More!

    Weaving studio contents for sale. Located in Greenwich, NJ (about an hour from Phila).

    Items include:

    • 2 LeClerc looms
    • Schacht.  18″ Table Loom with stand
    • Various weaving tools
    • Spinning Wheel
    • Yarn including Silk City Chenille (mostly rayon chenille)

    See webpage for more photos:

    For pricing and additional information contact:

    Code: SA0823

    Schacht Standard Floor Loom 8 Harness – 45″ weaving width

    Includes Schacht Raddle, Lease Sticks and 3 Schacht Reeds (8 10 12)

    Price: $2900.00


    Code: JL0823

    Nilus LeClerc 4-Shaft Floor Loom

     4 Shaft/6 Treadles floor loom in great condition. Width 35″ weaving width approx 28″, Length 42″, Main height 30″, Castle’ 44″

    Includes: 3 reeds – 8, 10, 12, 5 yd warping board, 2 plastic shuttles, several wooden shuttles, bobbins, sley hooks.
    Also available: numerous cones of cotton and wool yarn
    Weaving Yarn tree

    Price: $500.00


    Code: LT1023

    Electric eel ver 6 spinning wheel

    I used this EE Version 6 (dreaming robots) spinning wheel to ply yarn for my weaving projects. It is 7+ years old and I have made some repairs to it. But, it still works but may need some future mainenance.
    I will include some parts that wear out. The motor was reattached with velcro and this method seems to work fine but every now and then needs a little adjustment. Free to whoever wants it.

    Price: $0


    Code: JS1023

    60″ Cranbrook Countermarche Loom

    Cranbrook Countermarche Floor Loom– 60″ weaving width, 8 harnesses, 10 treadles with matching bench (not shown). Made by Bexell in Michigan in the 1970’s. Original owner.

    This design was purchased and is now made by Schacht, It is for sale new for $11,031.

    Maple, steel beams, various reeds and weaving accessories included. Excellent working condition with some minor signs of use: string heddles need to be replaced, the metal harness sides are are rusty, cosmetic scratches on metal beams. Disassembled for easy moving.  

    $3,000 or best offer

    Pickup only in New York City.

    Price: $3,000.00 or best offer

    Contact:  art/

    Code: JG0823

    AVL Home Loom

    • 40” 4 HARNESS
    • Built in 1992.   One owner since 1993
    • Time to find a new home for this much loved loom.
    • 4 Harness, 6 Treadle, High Castle with shelf.
    • Side tie-up –  easy set up
    • Locking brake warp tension system
    • Texsolve heddles and tie-up cords – extra of each
    • Aprons, 3 metal rods, 6 lease sticks
    • 3 Stainless Steel reeds    6, 8, 10
    • Already warped —  remainder of yarn included
    • Folds, warp intact, for storage and transportation
    • Le clerc shuttle with 2 bobbins.
    • Schacht Warping board   38×23
    • Adjustable Bench
    • Southwestern Sussex County DE     Pick up only

    Price: $2000 (includes all above)


    Code: MS0823

    Wooden Swifts

    Umbrella Swift in great shape…a must for the studio!  

    Price: $40 or best offer

    Floor Swift also in great shape, circumference is 66″.

    Price: $50 

    Both are located in Philadelphia


    Code: EG0723

    Cranbrook 72” Countermarche Model #J608459976

    NEW! LOWER PRICE! Rare double back warp
    2 reeds, 10 treadles, 8 shaft
    Located in St Michaels, MD
    Pick up in our scenic, historic town!

    Price: $3900.00 . Now $2900.00


    Code: SO0823

    Schacht 8 Shaft Table Loom

    Schacht 15 inch eight-shaft Table loom is great for classroom use, workshops, sampling, and small projects since the direct tie-up through the hand levers allows for infinite experimentation. The table loom is expertly crafted of the finest hard maple and built for maximum structural stability use fine-toothed nylon gears on both the warp and cloth beams.

    Price: $400


    Code: SN1023

    TUG Electric Ball Winder by Sawyerbee
    This winder is not only pretty, but it winds yarn into balls nicely.  Used only three times (the promised cone winder attachment never materialized). Pick up in South NJ

    Price: $350 each


    Code: GC0823

    Standand Pattern Shuttle by Handywoman
    Maple wood, sanded silky smooth,  19.25″ long and 1/4″ thick.  Great for rigid heddle or floor looms. For more info on how to use this shuttle:

    Price: $10 each


    Code: FV1023


    Please contact if what you have any of the items for sale:

    Serger/Overlock (CS0923)

    Ashford Flyer: I’m looking for a new flyer with four speeds for my Ashford Traditional. Something like an Ashford Standard Single Drive Flyer (with regular or adjustable hook). I’m also interested in an Ashford jumbo flyer if anyone has one for sale. (AJ0823)

    Weaving bench for a 48” floor loom. I’m not terribly picky, just need something adjustable for my short legs and long torso! (IJ0823)

     Movable floor loom, 4-8 harnesses, probably not wider than 36”, but I am flexible here, too. Basically I don’t want to have to wrestle the big machine all the time and I would like to be able to roll outside to weave! (IJ0823)

    I’m looking for large square or rectangular peg loom – one that’s big enough to need an easel. No preference on brand. (AV0923)