Equipment Rental

How to rent guild equipment:

PGHW rents equipment to any member in good standing. Members must have been in the Guild at least one month prior to renting and need 
a Library Borrower’s account.

Items are rented on a month-to-month basis, with renewals permitted for most equipment. 

Rigid Heddle Looms (Replacement value $200)
7 of these are Schacht Cricket looms (represented in photo, not actual loom), one is an Ashford.

Each has a 7.5 or 8 dpi reed and a 10 dpi reed,
plus warping peg and clamps. Renters will borrow the loom plus accessories.


Table Looms (Replacement value $300)

Dorothy Table Looms with 4 and 8 harnesses (represented in photo, not actual loom).

Renter can select reed size at checkout.



Spinning Wheels (Replacement value $400)
Schacht, Lendrum, Ashford, and Louet wheels are available (represented in photo, not actual wheel). Two bobbins will be loaned with each



Drum Carder (Replacement value $400)

Fricke carder. Borrowers of carder should be experienced in using it. Because we
own only one of these, borrowers may use it for one month only, no renewals. (represented in photo, not actual carder).



Smaller equipment
 Hackles and hand combs – Replacement value $150.   $15/month rental
 Warping Boards – Replacement value $85.   $15/month rental
 Hand Cards – Replacement value $70.   $15/month rental
 Loom reeds – Replacement value $75.   $15/month we own only one of these, borrowers may use it for one month only, no renewals.

All represented in photo, not actual items. 


1. Join as a Library Borrower: (if you are already a borrower you can skip this step and scroll down to the Equipment Form)

(this also enables you to borrow from our vast library!)

2. Fill out the Equipment Form below.

3. Email Judy to arrange your equipment pick up. 

Library Borrower Form:
Address of Borrower

Equipment Form:
I am renting the following equipment:(Required)
MM slash DD slash YYYY
As a current member of PGHW I understand that the equipment I am renting must be returned in its original condition. I agree I will replace or pay for any items that get lost or damaged while in my care.(Required)
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

That’s it! Now email Judy,   to arrange for your rental pick up.  Enjoy your fiber experience!