Our Library

Benefits of Guild membership include access to the PGHW Library, located in the Guild House. The library contains over 2000 books, magazines, and other print and video materials pertaining to the fiber arts. The catalog can be searched online via TinyCat.

To borrow books, equipment and other items, members must apply for library borrowing privileges and pay an annual fee of $10. Questions about the library should be addressed to the Guild Librarian, Judy Donovan.

Borrower’s Application and Annual Fee

Once the fee is paid, the member will be added to the borrower database. Members who do not need to borrow materials do not have to pay for reference-only access to the library.

How to use the library

Please make an appointment with the Guild Librarian Judy Donovan, she will meet you at the Guild (using social distancing protocols and mask) and will check out the books for you.

Two items may be borrowed at one time for a 60 day period. Items may be returned by contacting the librarian for an appointment to meet you at the Guild to receive the books.

Members who choose not to pay the fee are free to use the library IN-HOUSE, but not borrow.

Members are also welcome to check out our Equipment Rental Page. (must be logged in)

Register to Borrow From the Library
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PGHW Library Catalog

To search by subject, title, or author, please click on the link below:

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