The Motherhood of Fiber Artists

For us it begins with a thought, image, feeling or inspiration. To bring something with such potential into the world must now give us pause to reflect on the impact. We live in more than a village — water and air are global travelers. Every action we take makes a difference. We knew so little about this growing up. Some reveled in being the throwaway generation frowning on those who mended and repurposed — they could afford to buy and litter, not pick though trash.

Beautiful, creative fiber artists were not aware of the harm created until gentle spirits within guilds began to show them the breath of their impact and how they could participate in retaining and not harming the beautiful world around them. It is not a get out of the studio and into the streets revolution. It is much more powerful and begins at the moment of conception.

Think before you do. Learn what fibers are good global citizens. Develop natural dyes that burst with color. Visibly mend those jeans or tear out the indigo threads and weave them into something fashionable. Now you realize your creations have a life of their own once you give them birth. They are social animals who will impact the world around them. Like children, you must provide them with everything they need to succeed and add value to the world.

The motherhood of fiber artists are men and women who have come to realize they need to do more than create; they must take responsibility for all that they bring into the world. There is so much to learn. Being aware of the power you have and the option to do good is breathtaking.

Happy Mother’s Day,

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