Is The Guild for People Like Me? Am I good enough?

Some folks have told me they don’t weave well enough, knit or crochet well enough, or do something else well enough to belong to the guild. Yes, there are many experts in the Guild and they are there to guide you and help you to develop and become all you can be.

Some people join the guild without a loom to weave on with the hope that they will discover what is best for them. This is what the guild is all about: starting where you are now, being able to see all of the opportunities around you, selecting a path you would like to pursue and then getting the advice and support you need to make it happen.

SIGs are a great opportunities to explore and try things. There are many “how to” experiences where you can dabble with something new. And when you want to learn more about it, there are classes that can give you all of the information you need to move on. Some experienced fiber artists found that taking a class filled in the gaps for them or even showed them a new approach which they liked better.

One of the beauties of the guild is the positive people. They don’t delight in putting you down, they are there to lift you up so you can grow and share with them. They have all been where you are and know what a difference it meant when someone mentored them. That is why mentoring programs were developed at the Guild. No one got to where they are now on their own.

Guild on, my friend, come join us!


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