Teach me a Trick or Two

Everywhere I go I meet people who join the guild after taking a class here. They not only enjoyed the experience, they said they met exciting people who they want to be part of their life.

I never knew so many people were interested in making baskets. In fact at portable fibers zoom they were showing off baskets they made in a fun class. Then someone broke the mold and showed a felted vessel they created at a felting class. And a crocheted basket joined the discussion — I should have asked who was taking the crocheted mandala class.

All around us various patterns done at rigid heddle classes are appearing. I used to think floor looms were huge monsters too big to tackle. But being up to the challenge I signed up for a floor loom class. It is amazing how the warping board was demystified and became a friend. How portable and cute some floor looms can be. My instructor exuded the joy of sharing what she loves and listening to how we got into weaving and how she could fill in the gaps.

Being a center for fiber arts you never know what you will see or have an opportunity to learn. After seeing pictures of some of the hanging doodads members created for the MAFA Conference bags, my Yorki Rory suggested we add a Swag your Pet Workshop! This could be a workshop where we combine various fiber arts creating a leash that we could walk our pets on in the parking lot across from the Guild.

He suggested we chew on that. Am I like Rory always chewing on something?

Give that dog a bone,


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