Portable fibers – there for us during Covid, there for us now

By Margie Gale

This study group is designed to be a group without an agenda other than getting together and doing whatever fiber project the member is currently interested in.

Good company, good conversation, new or traditional ideas as well as teaching and learning are part of each week’s meeting. New and experienced weavers, spinners and other fiber artists are welcome.

The beauty of this group, like other SIGs is that we’re there for each other. The difference is this SIG is where people with different interests learn from each other and collaborate.

Maybe you are not a spinner but you are learning so much by hearing a spinner talk about a current project. You ask questions and you find you are not just getting answers but you are discovering various raw materials, the impact of combinations and you start visualizing how you can use these in your projects to take them to a higher level.
Someone might show what they are dying and ask other members for suggestions on technique and are amazed that people who don’t dye anymore know so much about this process.

Then there is the person you only thought of as a weaver and learn she/he has expertise in almost every area and even did some felting.

It is a chance to get to get to know members better as they talk about things they love and find kindred spirits. It is a place we come to virtually and now also in person to hang out with old and new friends. It is something positive to look forward to each week in a sometimes uncertain world. It leads to the feeling “ this is what a guild is all about.”

I’m so glad it is now part of my life.

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